What’s the process when working with a Voiceover Artist

Nice choice! You’ve made a good decision – to hire a professional voiceover artist for your next project!

Let’s assume that the voiceover artist is me – it makes it a great deal easier to talk you through my process that way..

Let’s go though what’s actually involved and what you can expect when working with a professional VO artist, it’s not too scarcely I promise!

1. We chat in person or via email
Our first discussions are about what you are looking for, the type of content you are creating – whether that’s a simple IVR phone system, an explainer, a corporate film or a commercial – we can have a chat about what you are looking to achieve, who the audience are, the sort of sound you are after and where it will be used.

2. Price
Once I have all of that information I will then be able to give you a price based on my BSF (Basic Studio Fee) and how it will be used and where. Voiceover pricing is a biggish subject but it’s usually calculated based on the BSF and what we call Usage.

More complex usage might require me to do a bit of research and getting back to you. Just to make sure it’s correct and in line with the industry and you are covered for the work to be broadcast for example. Once we are both happy we can make arrangements for a session.

3. Sample
If you aren’t totally sure on the style you want I can record you a line or 2 a couple of ways and send it over, then just let me know what works. Alternatively, you might have heard one of my reels and one of the clips on there jumps out at you as the right style for your voiceover project – no problem. That’s a great guide for me too.

4. Recording Session
There are a couple of ways I can record – depending on what you would like me to do. Once I have a script, agreed the timescales and fee and style, you may decide that you are happy for me to self direct (probably 60-70% of my work is self directed). I am really comfortable doing this for you. If you want to know more about self directing you can have a look at my blog on the subject here

Alternatively, you might want to be in on the session. That’s fine too! If it is a project that has a level of complexity or something that you need to be a very particular way then it might be a good option. Directing the session also means that we can play with it a bit – I may try suggesting something completely different – which clients often love!

5. The actual recording
I have my own really fantastic studio here – it’s a lovely, broadcast quality, purpose built booth with superb microphones and I record into Adobe Audition on Mac. You can direct me via Zoom, Skype, Teams, Phone and I will record into my Mac here for you. Or, if you have connectivity and wish to use it – I have Source Connect, Cleanfeed and Sessionlink Pro available so you can record your end and fit my work into your project as we go.. you choose – whatever works best for you.

For self directed sessions, I record into Adobe Audition as standard. You might get a couple of takes – depending on what’s needed

6. Editing
If I have recorded the session here, I can edit it for you if you like.

Quite often with directed sessions, I just “top and tail” the recording and sent it with little editing. This is so that you have all the versions we worked on and you can mix and match takes if you want. All up to you. It’s your choice if you’d like an mp3, a wav, or whatever else.
I will send the file over to you via a Dropbox link (usually) or wetransfer as soon as it’s saved here.

7. Anything else
Had a change of mind on a sentence structure? Client decided they want it more serious / lighter / softer / more comical?
No problem. We can alway make changes.

The fact is that until you have it recorded, it’s possibly the first time you’ve heard it out loud and something may stand out to you as not right! Depending on what it is / how much work etc there may or may not be a charge.

8. Invoicing
I usually send the invoice soon after the recording. This may seem a bit sudden but it’s my process and it’s how this one woman business keeps on top of everything! That way you know I can concentrate on creating great work rather than letting my admin build up.

9. Afterwards
Please let me know how it went for you – I love hearing how my work has become part of your project! It’s always great to be sent a link to the work or a line of feedback.

10. Next time
I will be here to help you out with a voiceover next time you need one. If you are looking for a male voice, an accent or a different age etc then please do give me a shout.. I’d love to be able to recommend a voiceover artist to you who will be able to do a great job from a proper studio.

I can help you with a wide range of recordings for all sorts of projects – have a listen to my corporate reel