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Hello, I’m Clare Reeves. I was born in Devon and I live in Folkestone, on the Kent coast. I have a passion for arts, culture and the outdoors – if it’s creative or interesting, I’m there.

Having played in bands all my life, music is a key part of my world. Whether that was playing bass guitar in an Indie rock band of blokes in London in the Noughties, being the lead Alto Sax player in a swing band or playing the (enormous) Baritone Saxophone in my own, all female, saxophone quartet. 

Brought up on the South Devon Coast and now living on the South Kent Coast, being outdoors and in the fresh air is important to me. Sea swimming, walking and exploring gardens are favourite activities – which I love to share with others.

I have a belief that “arts and culture” are for everyone. And that the label can be a bit off putting. It’s more about exploring creativity and giving people the chance to get involved. Having presented arts programmes on BBC Radio, I’m passionate about how inclusive the creative world can be and I love to share what’s out there to surprise and delight everyone.

I seek to “find the wonder” in the stories I tell, making my presenting style warm and engaging with a touch of “rock and roll swagger” which sets me apart.

Well-travelled, 15 African Countries and the Trans-Siberian Railway are real highlights. I seek adventure and genuine connection with the people and places I visit. Whether that’s along the coast in Kent or in Outer Mongolia! 

I’m a Mum, I thrive on seeing my son grow up and become a young teenager and I’m simultaneously impressed and exasperated by the huge models he creates from cardboard and hot glue. As well as hosting his band rehearsals!

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