What makes the perfect Christmas commercial voiceover?

It’s approaching the time of the year when people actually look forward to TV ads (I do all of the time but that’s just me).

Christmas TV commercials, in the UK for sure and maybe around the world, have become a bit on an event!

The most famous of course are the John Lewis Christmas ads. We’ve had a man on the moon, trampolining dogs, animated bears and all manner of heart warming goodness that I find I can enjoy without thinking too much about the cynical side of it all..

The Christmas ads tend to have a warming, feel good vibe, they tell us tales of love, acceptance and tradition and tbh, we love them for that. It got me thinking about what we Voiceover artists contribute to the Christmas ad feast?

For me, I’ve noticed a few styles that pop up fairly regularly – what do you think?

The Santa style voice that tells a story..

This style of VO can be heard quite a bit at Christmas, they tell us a little story, often involving an animated vegetable, there is misadventure and there is a happy ending. These adds glow in my mind in a red, golden haze and feel much longer than the traditional 30 seconds.. maybe they are but they feel like a film and give us the comfortable satisfaction of Christmas dinner itself

The decadent female sound

I’ve heard this most often for department stores, it’s got the feel of, come on, you MUST have it.. imagine how glamorous you will look if you give some of these items as presents.. oh and why not pop a little fabulous something in the basket for yourself, you deserve it, beautiful.

The cool AF fragrance folks

This was my ambition – still is – I want to be one of those phenomenally cool voices you can hear saying the name of the fragrance in such a way that is immaculately intwined with the brand. I do happen to know someone who does this. He’s brilliant and I’m most envious!

The HURRY UP voices

No sooner have you just about survived the Christmas shopping when you’re being panicked into the “January Sales” such as they are. The voices have an urgency, they have volume and short sentences with exclamation marks after them! Yes, these things really must go!

The no voiceover voiceover

Well, there’s this too. Some of the big epic productions choose to use a well known old song reinterpreted in a breathy young female singing voice.. often with little or no accompaniment. It’s poignant and beautiful and whacks their target market right between the eyes. But where is the Voiceover?! Argh – we aren’t there!

So this Christmas, as you pour yourself a glass of something warming and snuggle up with a mince pie or two, spare a thought for the Voiceover Artists – or the lack of them – popping up to be a part of your Christmas.

Clare Reeves is an experienced Commercial Voiceover Artist with her own broadcast quality studio and would love to be part of your Christmas, you can hear some of Clare’s commercial work here https://clarereevesvoiceovers.com/services/commercials/