Am I a Voiceover Artist, a voice over artist, a Voice Actor, a Voice Talent or a VO?!

It’s a funny old job..

My work varies so much every day – some days it’s medical, elearning, other days are lighter and include fun commercials, characters and then there are documentary days.
With the job varying so much from day to day and from Voiceover Artist to Voice over Artist… it’s no wonder we can sometimes be a bit confused about our job title.

Here’s where I am with it..

Most of the time I describe myself as a Voiceover Artist. The reason being that when I say “voiceover” it’s usually as one word. In different languages the words “voice” and “over” are often said more separately. It’s a personal choice between those I think.
For me, this describes someone who works on a range of VO projects, who’s not necessarily a classically trained actor, who is equally happy with commercial, corporate, explainers, IVRs and all sorts of things. That feels like me.

When it comes to Voice Actor, this is one I only use to refer to myself when doing work where more actual acting is required. See? So many subtle differences! When for example I need to perform as a character in a project, or when I am working on an ADR recording where the work is more similar to traditional acting, then I feel more comfortable using Voice Actor. It’s very likely that people who use this term more often are those who’s regular work has a high proportion of character and acting based projects and roles. Also, if you went to drama school and you trained for years as a stage or screen actor then I think you earned this one!

Where then does Voice Talent come in? For me, I’m not one of those people who feels particularly comfortable as being referred to as “The Talent”. I think because my background is in TV and radio, I have a HUGE appreciation for all the talented people who’s work goes into the production process and simply being the voice / face of a thing doesn’t mean that you’re the only person there with talent! It’s not something I’d use to describe myself – that feels really cringe – however, in a studio environment it’s a term that has been used about me / my job. It’s quite old fashioned but if it helps everyone understand the process / directions / what’s going on then I will happily answer to it! And feel a bit showbiz for about 1 hour.

As far as the term “VO” goes. It’s short hand. It’s in house, between fellow voiceover colleagues, clients, producers. It’s what’s written on the script – VO or FVO, or MVO is how you can determine which bit of the script is yours. It’s friendly and a term that is one used by people in the business.

But here’s the thing. I can be any of those things to you! I describe myself as a Voiceover Artist but if you are having a look online, researching voice actors, voice over artists, voice talent or VOs to work with then I hope you find me and I really will answer quite happily to any of these titles!
What matters to me is being the best Voiceover Artist I can be for the projects I record. Bringing all of my skills together, mixing them with my personality and your requirements and coming up with something that sounds like YOU. You’re the Talent.


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