You don’t care about my studio and it’s fine with me

I’m not offended, I get it

Over the last 12 years or so of being a professional Voiceover Artist, I’ve had some great conversations with producers and content makers.. we’ve explored different approaches to scripts, we’ve re-written scripts on the fly, we’ve decided to invite the client to a session, we’ve laughed and joked and we’ve produced results we are all happy with.

Over this time and countless directed and self directed sessions, you know what we’ve never talked in depth about? The nitty gritty details of my studio.

As an audio enthusiast (to put it mildly) you might expect me to be a bit put out about this.. surely you NEED to know about the microphones I have, the interface I rely on or my favourite aspects of my digital editing tools? But no. Of course I’d be delighted to tell you all about my kit – should you wish to talk tech with me – but no one seems to want to and I don’t mind.

I totally get that as a creative, creative producer or content maker you have a job to do – a problem to solve and me and my studio are part of that solution. You don’t have the need to know about all of my tools when you have a deadline to meet and a very specific sound and delivery in mind for a demanding client.

Just as I don’t need to know how the manufacturer made the teabag that has produced the excellent cup of tea that I am enjoying while I write this.

It’s need to know.

What do you need to know?

The things that you can absorb quickly give you confidence that I’m about to solve your problem and not give you a whole new headache. Here’s a short, need to know basis list designed for the busy user of Voiceover Artists!

  1. Selection of excellent mics – I’ll have the one ready that will work best for your job
  2. Professional booth – no nasty extra noises, echo, neighbours, dogs on your recording
  3. You can dial in – I’ve got Zoom set up so we can see each other
  4. Source Connect / Cleanfeed / SessionPro etc – I’ve got them if you need them, if you don’t know what they are don’t worry
  5. Finished file or whole session recording – let me know, it’s up to you
Home sweet home studio

If you would like to know a little bit more about my studio then I will happily talk further about why I love the AKG 414 mic and how I’ve mic’d up an orchestra almost entirely with these versatile creatures, that I’m so comfortable with recording and editing in Adobe Audition because, when I was a sound engineer at the BBC, I taught reporters to use it in Ghana when it was still called “Cool Edit Pro”, working around power cuts!

We could also chat about my training in Voiceover, the techniques that I use, the way that I like to explore the target audience whilst working for you and how I listen in such a detailed way to my Voiceover performances as I deliver them.. but I get it. You don’t really care.

I honestly don’t mind. I’m happy to be here with my tools and techniques to deliver what you need when you need it so that you can get on with your day, having ticked one more thing of your list

Clare Reeves is a highly experienced Voiceover for a range of projects, specialising in Commercial and Corporate projects.

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