Painting with sound

Or “The time that I posted something a bit silly on social media and people seemed to really like it”!

Yesterday I posted a picture of what can happen to me when a slightly silly idea enters my head and I want to explore it creatively using the tools I know best.
It turns out you can create visual art using sound and sound manipulation using digital tools.

As a Voiceover Artist I use my Adobe Audition tools every day. I use them to record my voice, edit, make it sound totally perfect and then send to clients all over the world who book me to record their words.

What I don’t often mention is that I do love a bit of audio mischief!
From time to time I create sound art pieces that have a slightly subversive nature. Audio is very powerful and can convince people of all sorts of things if you use it cleverly. Anyway, I decided it was time to see if I could draw in the Spectral Wave view of a sound file on Adobe Audition!
I knew I could create dark and black spaces use the auto heal tool on audition. This is the tool that I will use from time to time to remove a plosive on a “p” sound or a little stray click that no one needs in their life. So I’d seen the visual effects of it before.
But could I use it to draw?

I recorded a load of spooky sounds in my studio, layered them up in the multitrack of Adobe Audition, made the audio pretty loud and fat sounding using the compressor (this is for better colours!!) and set to work Auto Healing my way through it.

Definitely a case of something taking quite a bit longer than anticipated.

It was a bit of fun and I hope you like it..

If you happen to have just seen the visual, here is your chance to hear it. See if you can spot where the dark / quiet bits are!

Happy Halloween mischief makers