Purple Tinsel

A few years ago I was asked to write and perform something that brought to life the kind of Christmas memories that all my Christmases are now based on..

Every year, when I get the Christmas decorations down from the loft, I always get this piece of audio out as well.. dust it off, straighten out it's wings and hang it up on my virtual tree next to the strange decoration of the cat on ice skates with a Christmas tree on it's back (yes, I do own this).

So if you are of a particular vintage that Christmas in the 70s and 80s is meaningful to you, please do have a listen and enjoy with a Marathon Bar..

Merry Christmas from me, my studio and my faithful Sound Hound who is currently asleep at my feet

Clare X


  • Clare understands and interprets each script very well. That makes her delivery very natural and appropriate for every target audience.
    I’d recommend Clare highly. Her voice is clear, warm, and she’s able to convey different emotions easily.
  • Her voice is clear with an intriguing, friendly edge. She takes direction well and, because of her background on the other side of the glass, she is able understand what the director or client wants. 
    Clare is a true professional, delivering a high quality service in an engaging way. Her voiceover technique is stunning - clear, bright and inspiring to listeners.
  • You’ve got a lovely read there Clare, just mixed it all – sounds fantastic. Thanks again for such top, top work!
    We're all done with the project – so thank you very much for your help. Have a lovely week and we'll definitely be in touch for other voiceover work!    

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